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     Changes in foundation documents of company

 If founders (shareholders) make changes in foundation documents of company some of them it is obliged to register in Commercial register of state register of enterprises. In this case it is necessary prepare documents with changes and do payments of state tax and for publication in official newspaper “Latvijas vēstnesis” and submit it all with application form in state register of enterprises. Some of changes are described below.

Changes in foundation documents (statutes) – if it is provided to change company name, volume of fixed capital, number of fixed capital parts, value of fixed capital parts, change of board members number and/or representation rights of board members.

 Changes in representation rights – if shareholders of company make changes representation rights of board members, remove or appoint (elect) board members.

 ! Board members are appointed for three years if there is no shorter term mentioned in articles of association. That means – it is obliged to prolong power of attorney term for board members each three years.

 Leal address change – if shareholders of company provide to change legal address of company.

 Other changes – if shareholders decide to sell company or it is provided to sell part of company. 

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