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                    Company formation, registering

      One of services offered by is company formation and registration in republic of Latvia. There are various forms of entrepreneurship and most popular such as limited liability company, individual merchant are described in this part of home page. offer all necessary information and consultations as well as preparing all the documents for establishing company in Latvia and we will help you in all to register your company successfully in register of enterprises. We will also guide and help you in further operations to support you with legal and accounting services for successful business.

Most popular form of merchants is limited liability company (LLC) in Latvia. Limited Liability Company is company with closed capital and its stock may not be sold in public like shares of joint – stock company. The most significant advantage of LLC – liabilities of founders of LLC are limited and equal to invested amount in LLC capital. This form of entrepreneurship is used usually by small and medium sized companies.

Individual merchant is also very popular form of entrepreneurship in Latvia. Individual merchant is individual person who is registered in register of enterprises as merchant. Individual merchant difference from LLC is that IM to all liabilities while doing business are responsible with all property he have and also with property which is not used in business.

IM un LLC general comparison

                                                       LLC                                              IM

Status:                                         Merchant                                       Merchant

Main capital:                                Required                                       Not required

Liabilities:                                     Only with LLC capital                   Own property

Number of founders:                    One or more                                 Only one

Representation of merchant:          Prolong after 3 years                     Permanent

 There are also some difference in accounting and tax field, for example, Corporate income tax is calculated and paid from profit for LLC but IM is calculate and pay Individual income tax. 

If you need legal or accounting services or consultations, please feel free to contact us:

Tel. (371) 29 112 333 (EN, LV, RU)


Company formation.                                      Accounting services.