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                      Registration of Individual Merchant (IM)

 Status and liabilities of Individual Merchant

Individual Merchant is individual person who is registered in Commercial register as Merchant. Individual Merchant for liabilities in business is fully responsible with own property. Debts must be indemnified also with property which is not utilized in business. IM using firm can make deals in business and be prosecutor and respondent in a court.

 Registration of Individual Merchant

Individual person doing business is obliged to declare himself for registering in Commercial register as Individual Merchant if turnover of year from business deals exceeds 200000,- Ls or business of individual person comply with commercial agent or real estate broker business or business of individual person comply with following:

– turnover of year from business deals exceeds 200000,- Ls;

– individual person employ more than 5 employees while doing business;

 Registration of Individual Merchant is allowed also if business doesn’t comply with above indications. To register IM it is not necessary to form fixed capital.

Registering of Individual Merchant in Commercial register of state register of enterprises takes 3 days.

 Procedure of registration of Individual Merchant

Individual Merchant is registered by state register of enterprises on basis of filled in application form and submitted documents. When IM is registered person will receive resolution of notary and registration certificate which is also registration certificate of tax payer. For registering of Individual Merchant it is necessary to get following information:

1.      firm of Individual Merchant (name of merchant);

2.      legal address of Individual Merchant;

3.      information about Individual Merchant (name, surname, personal code, home address).


To register as IM it is necessary:

-          prepare necessary information and prepare documents for submitting them in state register of enterprises;

-          signing of documents (also need confirmation of signature at notary);

-          making of required payments.


Your expenses to register as Individual Merchant:

-          state tax for registering IM – 20,- Ls;

-          payment for publication in official newspaper “Latvijas vēstnesis” – 16,- Ls;

-          payment to notary – as from 6,- Ls (price depends on notary rates);

-          payment of bank commissions – according to pricelist of bank;

-          service fee – 15,- Ls

Total costs relating to IM registration is approximately 60,- Ls.


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